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Fatties for Bikes?

22 Feb

Ok, after talking to my partner in crime we decided a wiki would be the way to go. I don’t want to skirt around the issue that it is a wiki for fat people on bikes to share knowledge specific to weight and cycling. I was thinking of calling it “fat girls on bikes” or “fat girls for bikes” but I don’t want to neglect fat men from the forum.

I suppose the info is the same for the most part. It could be directed towards women but have a men’s section. Yes I like that, I thing we know there are a few less things for women than men out there. My knowledge is centered around being a woman and those of future co-conspirators would be as well.

Things to discuss:

Choosing the right bike or parts

Plus sized clothing


respect from your local shop.



20 Aug

Hello! Ok, heres the deal.

1. Riding a bicycle is not only fun but can help you become more health. I believe overall health is better than how much you weight.

2. If everyone just made their short trips (groceries, social gathering etc.) by bicycle we would be doing a lot better by our fair planet. Also you can save a good chunk on gas, the more you bike the more you save.

3. Fat is only an excuse when you let it be.