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More about the ride.

16 Apr

Looks like I can add the pedalpalooza ride whenever I want.  So ladies what do you think would be better a weekend ride or a weekday ride in the evening.  I would be inclined to make it a weekday evening but It’s not for me it’s for everyone.  Maybe I could do one of each.  Hum,  I’ll chat it up tonight and see but give me some feedback ladies.  Thank you so much for encouraging me.

Oh and should this be women only or co-ed?  I was thinking keeping it all girl would add to the comfort but it seems a little mean to tell the big guys they have to get their own ride.

Just an idea.

15 Apr

I was thinking it could be really fun to have a chubby/fat/curvy girl ride as part of pedalpolooza.  Easy ride share tips tricks etc.  Anyway to anyone who reads this send some feed back my way.  I already proposed it I would just like to know if there is interest for a ride or some sort of workshop.

Fatties for Bikes?

22 Feb

Ok, after talking to my partner in crime we decided a wiki would be the way to go. I don’t want to skirt around the issue that it is a wiki for fat people on bikes to share knowledge specific to weight and cycling. I was thinking of calling it “fat girls on bikes” or “fat girls for bikes” but I don’t want to neglect fat men from the forum.

I suppose the info is the same for the most part. It could be directed towards women but have a men’s section. Yes I like that, I thing we know there are a few less things for women than men out there. My knowledge is centered around being a woman and those of future co-conspirators would be as well.

Things to discuss:

Choosing the right bike or parts

Plus sized clothing


respect from your local shop.

Remember large rider class at citybikes tomorrow

16 Feb

Citybikes workers cooperative will be hosting 4 FREE workshops in February!
All workshops are from 6-8pm at the Citybikes Annex, located at 734 SE Ankeny (one block south of E Burnside).
call to pre-register at 503.239.6951

Sunday, February 17th:  The Big Rider
This workshop is tailored for larger riders.  Which components should i use? What bike companies make well fitting, plus size clothing?  and much more!

I just wanted to put the word out again.

Weather is on our side and love is in the air

13 Feb

Weather is on our side and love is in the air.  What is more wonderful than a bike date.  A bike date on valentines day.  Velotines as some are calling it these days.

Bulbs are sprouting, birds are chirping and is plenty warm  to get out there and have some lovely times with the one you love.  If it’s that special girl or boy in your life or that special bike get out on the road and spend some quality time together.

Remember breaks in rain are for lovers.

Also for my fat sisters out there:  Have you been dreaming about wool cycling tights or knickers?  I may have just found the place.  I’m getting a pair so I’m going to wait until I try them to endorse them.  I shouldn’t take me more than a week or two to find out.

Oh, how I will miss the NAHBS + other events

8 Feb

For those of you not in the Portland area The North American Handmade Bicycle Show is this weekend. I was elated that it was also on Friday since I work weekend (the exact hours of the show). I look up ticket info and it turns out Friday is for press and industry only. It’s a pity but then I can’t afford one anyway. The good news is there is still plenty of fun to be had outside the show!

This weekend there will be plenty of bike fun,

Tonight is the Midnight Mystery Rides birthday and benefit ride for Leo Check it out here.

Saturday at Plan B (1308 SE 8th) there is a benefit for that should be awesome. They have prizes and 2.50 New Belgium so I am going to be there. So if you see a fun looking fat girl feel free to say hi. info here.

There are a bunch of other things going on around town but these are the two that I’m going to rep. Look at the coverage on if you want more ideas (roller races for frames, stuff like that).

Other upcoming events include some free workshops at Citybikes:

Sunday, February 10th: Bike Mechanics for Pansies (aka the non-mechanically inclined)
Are you afraid to take off your back wheel? Do you not know what a quick release is? Are you intimidated by bike shops, but want to learn more about how to maintenance your bike? We will cover flat fixing and q&a. fun!

Sunday, February 17th: The Big Rider
This workshop is tailored for larger riders. Which components should i use? What bike companies make well fitting, plus size clothing? and much more!

Citybikes workers cooperative will be hosting 4 FREE workshops in February!
All workshops are from 6-8pm at the Citybikes Annex, located at 734 SE Ankeny (one block south of E Burnside).
call to pre-register at 503.239.6951

Making it happen.

21 Jan

Being that this is one of the coldest days of winter and I am about to bundle up and ride to the co-op to get so groceries I can’t help but think I made it.  I made through the winter.  Nothing like practical clothing to help help along the way though.  My suggestions for winter commuting when you can’t afford or wear cycling clothing.  To of my favorite things are good gloves.  I have some thinner waterproof gloves and those awesome thick wool fingerless+mitten gloves.  Second a waterproof jacket (you can find these on amazon unto a men’s 5x, there aren’t build for women but it’s cheap enough you wont care, just make sure it will accommodate your hips).  Layers are important and wear good (wool) socks.  Just in case you  didn’t know wool is amazing.

Any other inexpensive or plus sized winter cycling clothing suggestions?

Terribly frustrated, will I join the reflective set?

16 Nov

    It was dark and wet today.  It’s getting into that dark and rainy time of year and after an incident today I think I may be due for a rain jacket upgrade.  It was at the corner of NW 9th and Johnson, I creeped up to the stop sign turning left onto 9th from Johnson.  There where no cars at the intersection and although I did not put my foot down I was going slow.  As I proceeded left a black ford explored started t o turn left into the Post Office truck lot.  She was a good 10ft at least from the actual intersection.  She hit her gas to turn then slammed on her breaks when I entered the intersection.  Because she stopped I proceeded at which time she gave me two thumbs up for what she must have thought was my bad maneuver.  The problem with her side is that she had not come to the intersection and I could not see her because and SUV was in the way.  Secondly she wasn’t at the intersection so I wouldn’t have expected someone to turn 10ft or more back.  I don’t know what to do under this situation, I thought about talking to her but when I realized I could I was already too far gone.

The biggest thing I am wandering about is if a different colored jacket would have helped (I was using my lights even though it was 12:30).  If you’ve been reading for some time you may be well aware of my jacket tirade earlier this fall.  I opted for the better build jacket that was an unfortunate olive green.  I do like olive green but not if it’s causing me undue stress.

So today I find myself in a similar place.  So until they make awesome cycling jackets in my size I must choose which is more important dryness or visibility.  Not that that would solve all my troubles.