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Friday fun

26 Jan

On Friday me and the boy had a rare day off together and with the addition of a sunny day and slightly above freezing temperatures made for a wonderful ride up the Springwater Corridor. I was a nice ride we stopped at the creek and watched the bird looking for food. Rode about 20 miles then swung back around to Clever Cycles to get a couple goodies and eye the Ibex wool. It was a wonderful day to be on a bike and everyone I saw riding had a smile on their face. A couple more weeks and I should be on the new bike and I can’t wait.

Weather and other thing that sometimes inspire.

24 Jan

Today is another freezing cold day.  My bedroom is at about 41 degrees and I keep checking the forecast to to see when this cold will let up.  The pictures of snow that hovered at the edge of the extended forecast are now moving closer and I can’t help but wonder about the possibilities.

Most the question coming to mind is weather or not I could pull my mountain bike off the wall and have some fun.  Could I have a snowy bike commute?  what else could I do?   I mountain biked a lot when I was younger but since moving to Portland it seems silly to drive anywhere to ride a bicycle.  And I have a much funner speeder bike for getting around town.

Now I am just wondering what kind of snow sports could be translated into two-wheeled fun.  Any ideas?

looking for road rage suspect

22 Jan

This is a re-post ala and the shift list.

Your help is requested in information that helps locate/arrest/prosecute/neuter

/vivisect the driver of a new/newer Hummer H2, royal blue, (All-terrain blue, in Hummer speak) who assaulted a cyclist at 23rd and NW Pettygrove last night.

Yesterday afternoon (4:30ish) a cyclist was run off the street, assualted, threatened with a softball bat and punched in the face by the driver of a brand-new royal blue Hummer H2. Police were notified by several calls from about a dozen shocked passers by. The driver took off. The truck had no plates. If you see a new royal blue H2 with no plates and a 5’8″-5’9″, balding man in his mid-late 30s driving it, that’d be him. Call it in as the driver that assualted the cyclist at 23rd and Pettygrove last night. If you have information regarding this assault, please contact the Portland police at 503-823-3333.

A small peice of justice

22 Jan

A very small piece of justice today.  The driver of the cement truck that hit and killed my class mate Tracey Sparling has been sighted.  I have mixed feelings about this.  While I don’t think the driver should be hung out to dry I truly wish more could be done.  Perhaps I am more angry about this because the driver that killed Brett Jarolimek was not given a ticket.  Perhaps all the wrong conditions came into play.  I can’t help but feel angry today, it’s been a sad winter but it will be over soon.

On a better note we are all going to be a little bit safer because of this.  Regardless of your feeling towards bike boxes I’m sure we can agree that heavy truck side guards are a good idea.  And these guards will start being installed on at least all city trucks.

Making it happen.

21 Jan

Being that this is one of the coldest days of winter and I am about to bundle up and ride to the co-op to get so groceries I can’t help but think I made it.  I made through the winter.  Nothing like practical clothing to help help along the way though.  My suggestions for winter commuting when you can’t afford or wear cycling clothing.  To of my favorite things are good gloves.  I have some thinner waterproof gloves and those awesome thick wool fingerless+mitten gloves.  Second a waterproof jacket (you can find these on amazon unto a men’s 5x, there aren’t build for women but it’s cheap enough you wont care, just make sure it will accommodate your hips).  Layers are important and wear good (wool) socks.  Just in case you  didn’t know wool is amazing.

Any other inexpensive or plus sized winter cycling clothing suggestions?

Interesting tidbit

18 Jan

I just stumbled in this and thought I would share.  It’s a set of photos the city of Muenster took to show the space difference on streets between cars, buses and bikes.  It’s a nice simple illustration.

A goal.

17 Jan

Apparently it’s easier to write this blog when I don’t actually have the time than when I do. I again want to apologize for my long absence. I have been working with my grandmother transferring all the old family films from the 1960’s as well as catching up on things before school starts.

Beyond that I have been rolling this idea around in my head for a while and have decided to go public. I am going to bike cross country after I finish my BFA in a year and a half. From Portland Oregon to NYC or maybe Portland to Portland. Anyway my goal is simple I want to do it because I know I can to encourage other large and curvy women to ride as well.

Even thought I’m not leaving for some time this trip starts now. I am purchasing a touring bike and training will start immediately. Long rides multi-day rides it’s all on it’s way.

So if you have any touring tips give them to me. If you have any questions ask and until then have a wonderful day.

A long winter pause.

10 Jan

After weeks of enjoying my time off I thought I would extend a hello.

I have been been working on some large non-bike project like copying all of my grandmothers 1960’s 8mm movies to DVD.  (58 total)

there is lots of news on the bike front but I’ll get to that later.