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Hurt hand = no fun.

27 Aug

I have done something strange to my hand.  It is swollen and stiff.  It sends out shooting pains from time to time.  It’s getting better but I can’t ride my bike because I can’t break.  So, the fun will be back soon but keep ride for me!

All I ask.

23 Aug

Ride everyday! Even if you ride two blocks and turn around. Build the habbit of riding, the more you do the farther you can go.

Three mile radius! If you can ride three miles in one direction you can run a ton of errands easily. This is where you help the planet. See if you can push back filling up your gas tank an extra day every week, ie. you fill up ever seven days shoot to make it 8 days then nine and so on. make your short trips on a bike.


20 Aug

Hello! Ok, heres the deal.

1. Riding a bicycle is not only fun but can help you become more health. I believe overall health is better than how much you weight.

2. If everyone just made their short trips (groceries, social gathering etc.) by bicycle we would be doing a lot better by our fair planet. Also you can save a good chunk on gas, the more you bike the more you save.

3. Fat is only an excuse when you let it be.