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And we’re back!

5 Nov

I took quite a lot of time off this blog as i was busy with like and my bachelor’s thesis.  After I lot of thinking, I still don’t feel that there is a good resource for fat woman and men who are interested in cycling.

I make write on a much more sporadic basic, but I do feel like the information that I’ve tried to provide in regards to saddle, bike fit and clothing can be useful.  I will take the time to update and add to existing pages when I have spare time.

As before, if you have questions, just ask and I will get back to you.


I’m out!

2 Jul

So after all the Pedalpalooza fun I’m off.  Hope your having a good summer, I’m leaving for a couple weeks so I wont be writing here for a while.

I\'m off

Thank you everyone who came on The Big Girls Ride

24 Jun

I had a great time meeting all of you and riding out to Sellwood.  It was the first ride I’ve lead and I think I’ve learned some things.  When I do it again maybe I’ll make the destination a little funner and try an alternate route for more of a loop than a back and forth.

The ride was even a Mercury pick for Monday:

• The Big Girls Ride
Not everyone is a vegan bike hipster with five percent body fat. If you are a lady who describes herself as “Rubenesque,” this is the ride for you.

So thanks again for coming out, I can’t wait to do it again next year.  (maybe sooner)

Attn: Women of Portland The Big Girls Ride is tomorrow!

22 Jun

Hello everyone I just wanted to through out a reminder that The Big Girls ride is tomorrow at 6:30pm!


6:30pm – 7:30pm

This is a ride for curvy/fat/zaftig/rubenesque women.  Big girls ride bikes too so let’s go for a ride together.  Easy route on the east side of the Willamette River.  Riders of all skill levels encouraged, nobody gets left behind.
Robin, phototron at gmail daht comm
Confused, have questions what to give me some suggestions give me a haller!  Otherwise I’ll be seeing you tomorrow!

New things to come.

9 Jun

If you hadn’t noticed I’m out of school for the summer which means I have more time to ride and blog.  I am trying to get the Large Riders Resource page up top full of previous post and other helpful things to make this blog more useful if that’s why your here.

I also wanted to get in gear and write a couple more large rider specific post as well as ride reports from here in Portland and parts beyond.  My only real trouble is which the ride reports since I’m a a bit archaic at times and still happen to use a film camera and feel like I need to include photos.

Busy birds don’t blog

6 May


Just in case you’ve been wondering what I’ve been doing here is the awful truth. I’ve been studying and write paper. U have two weeks left so wish me luck but don’t expect to see me much till after that.

Rain never lasts forever

25 Apr

It looks like we’ll be having a pretty dry weekend here in Portland.  What with the improved weather it would be a great time for some riding.  So if you had plans to clean out your nest or summer other rainy activity get outside and enjoy the weekend!  If you are already riding everyday got out and hove fun.  Spend some quality time with your trusty two-wheeled friend.