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It’s Pedalpalooza time again!

16 Jun

Hello everyone!  It’s Pedalpalooza time here in Portland and I’ve been so busy out having fun that I forgot to bring it up.  You can go to the Pedalpalooza website to see the 200+ events or grab a current issue of the Portland Mercury for a printed copy.

There are a lot of options for all skill level and I’ll be leading the big girl ride during the last week of the event.

Anyway, I’m off to have more fun.  But Portland get your butt outside and ride and if your reading from anywhere  else maybe you can do some of these kinds or rides where you live.

Notes from the single life: The bike date

6 Jun

I don’t often write about my personal life but I thought some of my recent observations might be interesting. The bike date is a common sight here in Portland; especially since the weather has gotten so nice. What could be more wonderful than riding along with someone at a cadence that suggests you have not a care in the world. The sight of a bike date has always made me smile and I always loved going with my sweetheart up the Springwater or out for dinner and a beer.

I had grown so used to riding with my former sweetheart that I forgot how awkward a bike date can be. Spending years riding with the same person often even in the same gear like riding a tandem thats been cut in half. Riding with new people is fun but sometimes trying on the nerves.

The trick with a bike date is taking it easy. Take side street and spend lots of time side by side. If your riding with someone new you also want to make sure your communicate which way your turning and other simple things like that. Your getting to know each other. Unless otherwise stated a bike date is not a race this it is completely unacceptable to “drop” (leave them in the dust) your date.

With the basics out of the way I wanted to mention one of my recent experiences:

I am pretty much a daily rider. I ride to the store, to school, to work and just about anywhere else for business or pleasure. I am pretty open about that, when I meet people bikes usually comes up in the conversation.

I met a nice young man at a house show and we exchanged phone numbers. He called me later and asked me out on the classic bike adventure date. Ride somewhere you’ve never been together and see what happens on the way. He met me near my house and when and we headed to Fubonn riding up Clinton Street. It turns out his bike was in serious disrepair. His front tire pressure was so low he was nearly on the rim and he only had 2 working gears on his 10 speed. This was fine but as soon as I realized this all I wanted to do way go home and fix his bike since he was struggling needlessly. He didn’t want to take me up on my offer so we continued on. His communication skills where poor often taking a turn without warning (a couple times across busy streets) and we would become separated while I waited for cars. I knew he didn’t ride very often but his lack of consideration was a turn-off. So weather true or not I have decided that the way people ride on a bike date is a symbol of their general attitude. If a man is kind and considerate on a bike date he is most likely that way the rest of the time. If he is brash, stubborn and ill prepare he is most likely this way off a bike.

Food for thought during your next bike date.

More about the ride.

16 Apr

Looks like I can add the pedalpalooza ride whenever I want.  So ladies what do you think would be better a weekend ride or a weekday ride in the evening.  I would be inclined to make it a weekday evening but It’s not for me it’s for everyone.  Maybe I could do one of each.  Hum,  I’ll chat it up tonight and see but give me some feedback ladies.  Thank you so much for encouraging me.

Oh and should this be women only or co-ed?  I was thinking keeping it all girl would add to the comfort but it seems a little mean to tell the big guys they have to get their own ride.

Just an idea.

15 Apr

I was thinking it could be really fun to have a chubby/fat/curvy girl ride as part of pedalpolooza.  Easy ride share tips tricks etc.  Anyway to anyone who reads this send some feed back my way.  I already proposed it I would just like to know if there is interest for a ride or some sort of workshop.

Cute Monday:

25 Feb

I just got home from school and what do I find in my inbox? A lovely video (PSA) from London.  It’s a little sappy but I’m happy it exists.


Fatties for Bikes?

22 Feb

Ok, after talking to my partner in crime we decided a wiki would be the way to go. I don’t want to skirt around the issue that it is a wiki for fat people on bikes to share knowledge specific to weight and cycling. I was thinking of calling it “fat girls on bikes” or “fat girls for bikes” but I don’t want to neglect fat men from the forum.

I suppose the info is the same for the most part. It could be directed towards women but have a men’s section. Yes I like that, I thing we know there are a few less things for women than men out there. My knowledge is centered around being a woman and those of future co-conspirators would be as well.

Things to discuss:

Choosing the right bike or parts

Plus sized clothing


respect from your local shop.

Remember large rider class at citybikes tomorrow

16 Feb

Citybikes workers cooperative will be hosting 4 FREE workshops in February!
All workshops are from 6-8pm at the Citybikes Annex, located at 734 SE Ankeny (one block south of E Burnside).
call to pre-register at 503.239.6951

Sunday, February 17th:  The Big Rider
This workshop is tailored for larger riders.  Which components should i use? What bike companies make well fitting, plus size clothing?  and much more!

I just wanted to put the word out again.

Weather is on our side and love is in the air

13 Feb

Weather is on our side and love is in the air.  What is more wonderful than a bike date.  A bike date on valentines day.  Velotines as some are calling it these days.

Bulbs are sprouting, birds are chirping and is plenty warm  to get out there and have some lovely times with the one you love.  If it’s that special girl or boy in your life or that special bike get out on the road and spend some quality time together.

Remember breaks in rain are for lovers.

Also for my fat sisters out there:  Have you been dreaming about wool cycling tights or knickers?  I may have just found the place.  I’m getting a pair so I’m going to wait until I try them to endorse them.  I shouldn’t take me more than a week or two to find out.

Oh, how I will miss the NAHBS + other events

8 Feb

For those of you not in the Portland area The North American Handmade Bicycle Show is this weekend. I was elated that it was also on Friday since I work weekend (the exact hours of the show). I look up ticket info and it turns out Friday is for press and industry only. It’s a pity but then I can’t afford one anyway. The good news is there is still plenty of fun to be had outside the show!

This weekend there will be plenty of bike fun,

Tonight is the Midnight Mystery Rides birthday and benefit ride for Leo Check it out here.

Saturday at Plan B (1308 SE 8th) there is a benefit for that should be awesome. They have prizes and 2.50 New Belgium so I am going to be there. So if you see a fun looking fat girl feel free to say hi. info here.

There are a bunch of other things going on around town but these are the two that I’m going to rep. Look at the coverage on if you want more ideas (roller races for frames, stuff like that).

Other upcoming events include some free workshops at Citybikes:

Sunday, February 10th: Bike Mechanics for Pansies (aka the non-mechanically inclined)
Are you afraid to take off your back wheel? Do you not know what a quick release is? Are you intimidated by bike shops, but want to learn more about how to maintenance your bike? We will cover flat fixing and q&a. fun!

Sunday, February 17th: The Big Rider
This workshop is tailored for larger riders. Which components should i use? What bike companies make well fitting, plus size clothing? and much more!

Citybikes workers cooperative will be hosting 4 FREE workshops in February!
All workshops are from 6-8pm at the Citybikes Annex, located at 734 SE Ankeny (one block south of E Burnside).
call to pre-register at 503.239.6951

Friday fun

26 Jan

On Friday me and the boy had a rare day off together and with the addition of a sunny day and slightly above freezing temperatures made for a wonderful ride up the Springwater Corridor. I was a nice ride we stopped at the creek and watched the bird looking for food. Rode about 20 miles then swung back around to Clever Cycles to get a couple goodies and eye the Ibex wool. It was a wonderful day to be on a bike and everyone I saw riding had a smile on their face. A couple more weeks and I should be on the new bike and I can’t wait.