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What does it take to keep dry around here!

29 Sep

    Ok here is the deal I’m fat, just in case you didn’t know. Because I’m fat does that mean I must endure other hardships to prove myself as a cyclist? Must I loose all my weight before I can be considered a bike commuter. Ok, I’m getting a bit angry because I can’t find a rain coat.

I did pretty well today but then on the way to Clever Cycles to get a sweet multi-tool it pour and hailed on me. It sure would be nice to have a rain jacket that fit. They asked me when I walked in if I needed a rain jacket and we walked over and I tried on on, a mens. It was a bit long in the arms but it was tight in the waist.

I really wish someone would make a larger women’s waterproof jacket geared towards a cyclist? I would like to propose anyone who reads this blog please press manufacturers to make a rain jacket in at least and XXL.  3X anyone?


Check it well, check it often.

28 Sep

I had been having some trouble on my bike lately. the new saddle was comfortable I’ve been riding everyday for weeks and suddenly I was getting muscle fatigue sooner, much sooner. i was getting winded up hills that haven’t been a problem for some time now. Then Tuesday night I was leaving my neighborhood grocery store and noticed that my rear wheel was rubbing a bit on the break. I had just been across town and back for the second time that day and I was tired and hungry. That’s why I was at the store in the first place because i was to tired and lazy to make dinner. As soon as I realized my problems I felt much better. I had to fix it of course but it wasn’t me, I wasn’t the wimp.

I ate my dinner and when to sleep that night after making plans with a friend to help me fix it. He was buying an xtracycle at Clever Cycles off Hawthorne the next day. I would taking his bike home for him and he would look at my break, which turned out to be the rim which turned out to really be a broken spoke.

That’s right! I broke a spoke. He can true wheels but it was too late and the shops were closed. He was leaving town and I wouldn’t have the money to pay a shop to do it for several days (broke college student). Fortunately he had a spare rim that worked! We also fiddled with my derailleur and i can use all my gears again. Even with the heavier spare rim I am so much more speedy it’s amazing.

The moral of this story is check your spokes, check out the rest of your bike once a week or so and don’t for get to fill the tires. If you need to know how to do these things just ask me or google and we would be happy to tell you.

Back in the swing of things/things I’ve learn in this time.

23 Sep

I’ve been keeping up with my end of the Bike Commute Challenge. Making it to school everyday via bike minus two days. The first day because of oversleeping and a second day because of injury.

I have learn that a decent saddle can save you from a great deal of pain. My sit bones where not supported. i had no padding. my saddle was a joke, which is funny because i rode on it for weeks before I traded up. I have a slightly ducktaped but much more comfortable saddle. I will try to find a new one though maybe a Terry.

I have been breaking personal records all the time it seems. The day that cause me much pain I rode 20 miles. I didn’t ride them all at once but i did it. I did it in jeans (which didn’t help the injury) I pushed myself to keep going. I need to think about what I wear when I ride more. street cloths that can keep up with me.

This isn’t really as long as i have hoped but mainly now that school in in full swing again i will get in more writing I thing. At least until finals.