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Making it happen.

21 Jan

Being that this is one of the coldest days of winter and I am about to bundle up and ride to the co-op to get so groceries I can’t help but think I made it.  I made through the winter.  Nothing like practical clothing to help help along the way though.  My suggestions for winter commuting when you can’t afford or wear cycling clothing.  To of my favorite things are good gloves.  I have some thinner waterproof gloves and those awesome thick wool fingerless+mitten gloves.  Second a waterproof jacket (you can find these on amazon unto a men’s 5x, there aren’t build for women but it’s cheap enough you wont care, just make sure it will accommodate your hips).  Layers are important and wear good (wool) socks.  Just in case you  didn’t know wool is amazing.

Any other inexpensive or plus sized winter cycling clothing suggestions?