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Weather is on our side and love is in the air

13 Feb

Weather is on our side and love is in the air.  What is more wonderful than a bike date.  A bike date on valentines day.  Velotines as some are calling it these days.

Bulbs are sprouting, birds are chirping and is plenty warm  to get out there and have some lovely times with the one you love.  If it’s that special girl or boy in your life or that special bike get out on the road and spend some quality time together.

Remember breaks in rain are for lovers.

Also for my fat sisters out there:  Have you been dreaming about wool cycling tights or knickers?  I may have just found the place.  I’m getting a pair so I’m going to wait until I try them to endorse them.  I shouldn’t take me more than a week or two to find out.