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The Sacagawea Heritage trail loop.

1 Apr

I recently had the opportunity to ride the Sacagawea Heritage trail loop in Eastern Washington. It was a sunny lovely day after Easter with mild winds which made it an ideal day to ride. I brought my camera along for the ride that was so delightful that I plan on doing more distance riding here in the future. The loop can either be 18 or 24 miles long with several chances to add and extra 5 or 10 miles.

I was lucky enough to see a lama about five minutes into my ride. I was also happy to see others on bikes along the way. The only troubling chunk of the ride came on the Pasco side of the river coming up to the cable bridge, the trail has not yet been completed and so far as I can tell you are forced onto a busy industrial street for a couple blocks. There may be another route choice but it was not made clear simple adding detour instructions would be easy and very helpful.

Awfully lovely, I was pleased with all they’ve done on the trail which could be pretty useful for personal transport in the future.


One more week to make it happen

14 Dec

I have one week to finish up at school; then it’s off to the great dry east.  This time I will be prepared.  This time I will ride the Sacagawea Heritage Trail Loop, and I will ride it with a spare tube and a travel pump.  I thought perhaps Maya Lin‘s Confluence Project was Finished at Sacagawea Park but it looks as though I am wrong.  If you aren’t aware of this project and you live in the Pacific Northwest it is sure worth a look.  And If you’ve never been to Sacagawea State Park it’s one of the gems in the area.

Mostly I was doing some reading up and trying to figure out what nice rides I’ll go on while I spend a week or two in the Columbia Basin with my camera.  If you have any suggestions let me know.

Now had to study time.