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One more week to make it happen

14 Dec

I have one week to finish up at school; then it’s off to the great dry east.  This time I will be prepared.  This time I will ride the Sacagawea Heritage Trail Loop, and I will ride it with a spare tube and a travel pump.  I thought perhaps Maya Lin‘s Confluence Project was Finished at Sacagawea Park but it looks as though I am wrong.  If you aren’t aware of this project and you live in the Pacific Northwest it is sure worth a look.  And If you’ve never been to Sacagawea State Park it’s one of the gems in the area.

Mostly I was doing some reading up and trying to figure out what nice rides I’ll go on while I spend a week or two in the Columbia Basin with my camera.  If you have any suggestions let me know.

Now had to study time.