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To ride or not to ride.

20 May

A classmate of mine was killed last October as some of you might know.  The driver was finally sited and I was content not to rehash it more that I needed to.  I had panic attacks leaving my house and a things where generally kind of a downer around school.  I went on the memorial ride for Tracey after she died and swung by school and wrote my thoughts about Tracey in the notebook for her parents and presided home.  I was a bit of a wreck and not really in riding condition resulting in a conflict with driver in the pearl right after I left PNCA.  Some of the conflict was be not being assertive and some of it was him.  I wanted to tell him why I got upset but his windows where up.

Okay, why am I bringing this up?  Portland is holding a ride of silents and I’m feeling conflicted on weather to go or not.  Is it necisary, can we teach motorists anything from this?  Will I be mentally competent to finish the ride after getting to Tracey’s bike?  Could my time be better served working with PNCA to get student bike trailers next year and possible covered bike parking.

It’s tomorrow, I have a little time to think this over but I’m getting ball in stomach just thinking about it.  Sorry for such a downed piece after such a long break.


Via the Oregonian

11 Feb

Beaverton cyclist killed in TriMet bus collision

A small peice of justice

22 Jan

A very small piece of justice today.  The driver of the cement truck that hit and killed my class mate Tracey Sparling has been sighted.  I have mixed feelings about this.  While I don’t think the driver should be hung out to dry I truly wish more could be done.  Perhaps I am more angry about this because the driver that killed Brett Jarolimek was not given a ticket.  Perhaps all the wrong conditions came into play.  I can’t help but feel angry today, it’s been a sad winter but it will be over soon.

On a better note we are all going to be a little bit safer because of this.  Regardless of your feeling towards bike boxes I’m sure we can agree that heavy truck side guards are a good idea.  And these guards will start being installed on at least all city trucks.

A pedestrian was Killed on SE Stark (update)

12 Dec

A man driving a Jeep last night lost control of his Jeep and jumped the sidewalk and struck a 42 year old mother of three. The Oregonian is reporting on this and says:

“Temple has been arrested on accusations of driving under the influence of intoxicants, reckless driving and second-degree manslaughter.”

After recent event I had to ask myself in anything would happen to the driver. I’m glad to they are being charger but very sad to see this happen. I wish things where this cut and dry in bike related crashes.

Update:  Of course the day after a pedestrian was killer a cyclist had to be hit too.  This has turned out to be quite a year.  Read all about it here.