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The Sacagawea Heritage trail loop.

1 Apr

I recently had the opportunity to ride the Sacagawea Heritage trail loop in Eastern Washington. It was a sunny lovely day after Easter with mild winds which made it an ideal day to ride. I brought my camera along for the ride that was so delightful that I plan on doing more distance riding here in the future. The loop can either be 18 or 24 miles long with several chances to add and extra 5 or 10 miles.

I was lucky enough to see a lama about five minutes into my ride. I was also happy to see others on bikes along the way. The only troubling chunk of the ride came on the Pasco side of the river coming up to the cable bridge, the trail has not yet been completed and so far as I can tell you are forced onto a busy industrial street for a couple blocks. There may be another route choice but it was not made clear simple adding detour instructions would be easy and very helpful.

Awfully lovely, I was pleased with all they’ve done on the trail which could be pretty useful for personal transport in the future.


Cute Monday:

25 Feb

I just got home from school and what do I find in my inbox? A lovely video (PSA) from London.  It’s a little sappy but I’m happy it exists.


Cycling in the Tri-Cities

26 Nov

The one thing I have noticed is how cycling seems to be improving in the Tri-Cities. Kennewick, Richland and Pasco are adding bike infrastructure in hopes of at least attracting tourist that ride bike but it could have an affect on the community.


Kennewick as stripped a large amount of bike lanes though the city and added no parking signs along the lanes to let people know that they are not for. It also seems that one of the bike lanes is actually marked as a bike lane; this lane runs along Canal Dr. starting at Volland. It is make with a cyclist figure in the lane as well as signs that say bike lane. I feel the bike lanes are awesome and much needed to encourage people to ride.

One problem I see is how have these been marketed to the community. How many people ( drivers and potential riders) know these are bike lanes? Could Kennewick do more to encourage the community to take simple trips by bike? Sure they could but it’s nice to see any effort at all in these realm. Kennewick’s bike lanes also have some of the problems they do here in Portland. The lanes end without warning and at or near trouble intersections. Some of the lanes are narrow and feel more like a gutter than a full bike lane (maybe they are since it’s not marked). And lastly people park in the bike lanes just as they do here in Portland.

I am happy Kennewick is making any effort since it is the most car centric of the three. With some education riding could be viable here.


Pasco has more foot and bike traffic than Kennewick but little city wide has been done beside the continuation of the beautiful path along the Columbia river. In most of the older part of town or East Pasco as it is called there are many side streets and traffic is fairly calm which makes it easier to negotiate.

West Pasco is a nearly different city entirely. Clusters of fenced off subdivisions with a sprawling shopping area in the middle makes West Pasco very difficult to to ride in for any real tasks.


Richland is easily the most bike friendly city of the three. Although Richland has few bike lanes they have marked bike routes on lower traffic streets. The older core if Richland stretching towards WSU Tri-Cities and Hanford is easy to travel trough with a path along the river opening up to parks and residential neighborhood and lower traffic streets make Richland more easily ride-able than Pasco or Kennewick. They also have a path that runs along the by-pass highway on the other side of town.

Richland like Pasco also has an area of sprawling growth to the Southeast of the city. This area had many problems in common with West Pasco but the hilly-in is also a deterrent to many would be cyclists.

Click here for the bike love review of the Tri-Cities where I talk about bike shops, clubs and where to get a bike map!

Irritated with lack of action.

6 Nov

Today another cyclist was hit at the intersection of Interstate and Greeley. The cyclist broke some bones but she’ll be fine. This was a case of another driver not paying attention. Personally it seems like it would be hard to miss a woman in a yellow jacket on a nice day like this. I’m terrible sad about these things and because they seem to keep happening I haven’t be able to get on with other blogging.

The irritating part of this for me is and I quote the Oragonian:

“Doyle was taken to an area hospital but she was not seriously hurt. Police do not routinely investigate accidents in which no one was seriously injured. No citations have been issued.”

When do police issue citations? If they don’t issue them when someone is killed and not when some one is un-seriously injured. broken bones of course being not serious. When would you give someone a ticket? Seriously, I want to know. If I can roll though a stop sign after slowing down with no cars present in the intersection I can be ticketed but when does a car get a ticket for hitting a car.

Ok, I’m going to go spread some compost and calm down.

Update:  I haven’t calmed down yet but I did write Sam Adams a letter.  I would encourage anyone else to do the same.  Perhaps a letter to the police as well?

This can’t be normal

18 Oct

I feel I’m being exposed to all the things that could happen to me. In the last week one of my classmates was killed in a bike collision with a car. One or my classmates that I know quite well has been in a bike accident, she has had some teeth knocked and I’m not sure of what else. I just heard today and have no real idea of her condition. And yesterday I was nearly hit by a car crossing the street on foot, across a sidewalk no less.

I don’t know how I feel about all these things beside hopeless. I don’t intend to let this idea foster in my mind. I will be back on my bike as soon as the repairs are done (tonight hopefully). I am not discouraged but I don’t feel neon clothing is as silly as I once did. I feel more confrontational on the road as of late but I can’t explain to people in cars why I am paranoid of them.