looking for road rage suspect

22 Jan

This is a re-post ala bikeportland.org and the shift list.

Your help is requested in information that helps locate/arrest/prosecute/neuter

/vivisect the driver of a new/newer Hummer H2, royal blue, (All-terrain blue, in Hummer speak) who assaulted a cyclist at 23rd and NW Pettygrove last night.

Yesterday afternoon (4:30ish) a cyclist was run off the street, assualted, threatened with a softball bat and punched in the face by the driver of a brand-new royal blue Hummer H2. Police were notified by several calls from about a dozen shocked passers by. The driver took off. The truck had no plates. If you see a new royal blue H2 with no plates and a 5’8″-5’9″, balding man in his mid-late 30s driving it, that’d be him. Call it in as the driver that assualted the cyclist at 23rd and Pettygrove last night. If you have information regarding this assault, please contact the Portland police at 503-823-3333.


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