A goal.

17 Jan

Apparently it’s easier to write this blog when I don’t actually have the time than when I do. I again want to apologize for my long absence. I have been working with my grandmother transferring all the old family films from the 1960’s as well as catching up on things before school starts.

Beyond that I have been rolling this idea around in my head for a while and have decided to go public. I am going to bike cross country after I finish my BFA in a year and a half. From Portland Oregon to NYC or maybe Portland to Portland. Anyway my goal is simple I want to do it because I know I can to encourage other large and curvy women to ride as well.

Even thought I’m not leaving for some time this trip starts now. I am purchasing a touring bike and training will start immediately. Long rides multi-day rides it’s all on it’s way.

So if you have any touring tips give them to me. If you have any questions ask and until then have a wonderful day.


2 Responses to “A goal.”

  1. David January 21, 2008 at 3:23 pm #

    Good Luck to you.
    I think it should be used for credits for a degree, while in school. Keep us updated on your bike choice, route, have you looked into joining Adventure cycling.? Check out their website, maps and a great site

  2. Robin January 21, 2008 at 4:13 pm #

    Not a bad idea. I will be using the bike this summer in conjunction with a car while shooting images for my thesis in Eastern Oregon and Washington. I have a lot of expensive equipments which will be safer in the trunk of a car but for some trips and scouting I will be using a bicycle.

    Being in school and working it makes it hard to travel much or join groups. Adventure Cycling has some great info thanks for bringing that to the front of my mind. I think for this trip it will be me and one other person. I want to be able to stop when I want (visit, snap photos etc.). I am also starting to think of how I would blog the trip.

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