Bike Love in the Tri-Cities

26 Nov

This is the emotional second part of the Tri-Cities bike review. So I’ll get the gushy part out of they way: Regardless of how much work needs to be done I am so proud of how much is being done.

The are two main active cycling clubs:

The Tri-Cities Bicycle Club: Which is leading the charge the to make the cities official Bike-Friendly Communities.

The Chinook Cycling Club: They have regular rides and are road, mountian and cyclocross friendly!

both of these clubs have lots of information for rides and if I lived in the community I dare say I would be a proud member of either club.

It’s easy to find road rides listed on the club sites or searching around on the internet but as far as mountain biking there are two great places to start. Badger Mountain and the Chamna preserve. Chamna is a fun place to go if you just have an hour or two. It has a great series of trails and some pretty fun jumps.

There are several bike shops in Kennewick and Richland and while none of them have a website you can find there information in the phone book on in the bike maps below.

Lastly a bike map has been created that can be gotten at the visitors centers or downloaded here. I like the make I just wish there was more effort to get it into the hands of the community.

It seems like more people in Richland are getting the idea. I talked to a happy bike commuter and the Richland bike shop where I was fixing my flat. I saw 10 people out on bikes in the cold and a little girl riding a unicycle. I don’t always see that many people on the esplanade going to school in the mornings. I even noticed an xtracycle parked infront of a book store.

An Xtracycle in Richland, Washington.

Anyway keep up the good work in the Tri-Cities and if your visiting feel free to bring your bike.


2 Responses to “Bike Love in the Tri-Cities”

  1. craigdurkee November 27, 2007 at 1:12 am #

    great right up

  2. Robin November 27, 2007 at 6:58 am #

    Thank you!

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