Irritated with lack of action.

6 Nov

Today another cyclist was hit at the intersection of Interstate and Greeley. The cyclist broke some bones but she’ll be fine. This was a case of another driver not paying attention. Personally it seems like it would be hard to miss a woman in a yellow jacket on a nice day like this. I’m terrible sad about these things and because they seem to keep happening I haven’t be able to get on with other blogging.

The irritating part of this for me is and I quote the Oragonian:

“Doyle was taken to an area hospital but she was not seriously hurt. Police do not routinely investigate accidents in which no one was seriously injured. No citations have been issued.”

When do police issue citations? If they don’t issue them when someone is killed and not when some one is un-seriously injured. broken bones of course being not serious. When would you give someone a ticket? Seriously, I want to know. If I can roll though a stop sign after slowing down with no cars present in the intersection I can be ticketed but when does a car get a ticket for hitting a car.

Ok, I’m going to go spread some compost and calm down.

Update:  I haven’t calmed down yet but I did write Sam Adams a letter.  I would encourage anyone else to do the same.  Perhaps a letter to the police as well?


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