We arn’t the only ones with problems

5 Nov

    As a Washingtonian by birth I have spent a lot of time in Seattle. When I was a teenager I dreamed of moving to Seattle. I traveled there several times a month for a couple years. I got older and realized Seattle wasn’t for me. Don’t get me wrong there are a lot of things I love about the town but there has always seemed to be some sort of evil there. Some of my best-friends live in Seattle, a cousin who is so close to me in looks and age we are often mistaken for sister or when with distant family often mistaken for each other.

Back to the evil, Seattle wins in number of serial killers and random murders. A dear friend of one of my best-friends was shot dead waiting for the bus to go to work. A messenger I met at a party was intentionally run over by and SUV during critical mass years ago.

I chalk some of this up to the outlaw mentality that seems to lurk in once very lawless pioneer towns. A kind of mindset that is recessive but still present in a place.

The other thing which is more controllable problem is the “I am a very important person” complex. Some people go though there daily life assuming that they are the most important thing in existence and we must be dumb not to yield to them. The truth is we are all very important people. These “very important people” do not just exist in Seattle they exist everywhere. The main problems occurs when these people are in close proximity to others (other cars, pedestrians, children playing or cyclists). “Very important people” worry me here in Portland they followed my boyfriend downtown screaming at him for no good reason this Saturday night. A”very important person” had a road rage problem two blocks from my house. I generally feel like I know my routes and feel safe but I know first had the disregard some people have for human life.

Back to previously mentioned cousin. I think in some ways we compete with each other. We are both creative city girls now. I bike commute, she is living car free and now wants a bike. At a recent family event we discussed dutch bikes for about an hour. I think it would be a good bike for her, she thinks there cute and they have her father’s (a retired road racer) blessing. The only problem is in light of recent events I worry for here safety.  Seattle too has lost a cyclist to a heavy truck as well as a cyclist now being shot. I remember what drivers are like there but the more the merrier and I am happy she isn’t disswayed.

There has to be a cultural shift sometime so we might as well hurry up. My addition today si a new new public safety motto: ” We are ALL very important people”.


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