Clap-Clap-Snap-Snap and thank god for bike maps.

5 Nov

The classic Friday night adventure. Get on your bike and ride.

This Friday I went from NW Vaughn to the Sringwater Corridor and kept going. On the way out we made it to nearly to SE 72nd. We decided to go to the Delta Cafe for dinner when we made our way back down the trail. Getting from Springwater to SE 45th could get hairy thankfully it wasn’t rush hour.  The real kick was 45th though, after I turned on the street it was a huge hill!  That was the most work I’ve done on a bike in a while, and really the most period.  I ascended most of the hill with my feet on the pedals which is quite and accomplishment for me.  It is refreshing that at least once a week I am seriously out pacing my former self.  Every week or two I break my daily ride totals.  As my riding radius increases it’s nice feeling that I can go almost anywhere.

I’m planned to get this up this weekend but a school paper found priority.

I had an idea that night that large hills and grades could be represented on the bike maps somehow but now looking back on that idea I think it could hinder people from trying new things.


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