25 Oct

One thing the last couple weeks has taught me is how awful people can be when they feel protected by the anonymous nature of the internet. In an effort to personally deal with the deaths in the last two weeks I read as much as I could. I wanted to know why and how and in doing so I broke one of my rules for the internet. Don’t read blog or forum comments. It’s just really not worth it. I do on some blogs like or bikesnobnyc where the comments usually tend to be interesting and thought out or in the care of bike snob they are funny and include some gentle ribbing. I read on these last two weeks comment in the Oregonian and local news channel sights. And by the end of it my stomach was in knots. I was physically ill by the disregard for human life, not to mention the amount of false information out there. I know there are some people who take great joy if being so awful but really it seems totally uncalled for. I know this isn’t a majority of people in this world but it is still terrible.

As a note I am heading back to Yakima, Wa tomorrow for a Funeral and may pick up my coverage there again.

Link about Tom Potter from below mentioned comment.  Crosswalk sting 


2 Responses to “Catharsis”

  1. jcalnan October 26, 2007 at 9:46 am #

    I came to a similar resolve about comments posted on newspaper websites after some of the venom that was spewed following this year’s Seattle-to-Portland ride. There are far too many trolls on the web looking to pick the anonymous fight.

  2. Robin October 26, 2007 at 11:58 am #

    It is truly amazing how bored a disconnected someone must be to pass there time trying to get a rise out of other people.

    My friend just showed me a post about Portland’s Mayor Tom Potter crossing the street back and forth for a couple house as part of a sting on drivers who did not stop for pedestrians in cross walks. People complained that they shouldn’t have to stop that and I quote “pedestrians should know to get out of the way”. That attitude was sad but it made me realize there are just some people that have nothing better to do than complain about how no one see how superior they are.

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