Weekend Fun

8 Oct

The rain keeps coming but I’m still having fun. Friday I did my regular commute then later my honey came over and we went for a ride. It was nice just cruising around town exploring. I headed south near Reed College and found Pub at the End of the Universe. It was a total Reedie hang out I think. Mostly the inside was just strange, some how it reminded me of an 80’s hair band’s basement bar. We had to go in because it was the end of the universe and all. They had a good beer selecting and we settled on Ninkasi’s Believer. A good beer filtering up from Eugene. But enough about the beer back to the bike fun. We got out of that place after we finished our beer and headed for Reed to find the Magnolia Garden I’ve been hearing about. We found it then we kept going south to Sellwood and then back home via the Springwater Corridor. All and all it was a super fun and mostly dry night and I racked up a good 18 miles for the day without realizing it. It’s crazy how easy this is getting.

I did get totally soaked about halfway to my friends house last night. The rain picked up and was handed a towel as soon as I got though the door. Heading home was nice though. thank god I have a heater at my house now as well as rain gear on the way.

Did anyone have a fun riding weekend?


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