Back in the swing of things/things I’ve learn in this time.

23 Sep

I’ve been keeping up with my end of the Bike Commute Challenge. Making it to school everyday via bike minus two days. The first day because of oversleeping and a second day because of injury.

I have learn that a decent saddle can save you from a great deal of pain. My sit bones where not supported. i had no padding. my saddle was a joke, which is funny because i rode on it for weeks before I traded up. I have a slightly ducktaped but much more comfortable saddle. I will try to find a new one though maybe a Terry.

I have been breaking personal records all the time it seems. The day that cause me much pain I rode 20 miles. I didn’t ride them all at once but i did it. I did it in jeans (which didn’t help the injury) I pushed myself to keep going. I need to think about what I wear when I ride more. street cloths that can keep up with me.

This isn’t really as long as i have hoped but mainly now that school in in full swing again i will get in more writing I thing. At least until finals.


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